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Call: Competitiveness and sustainable development Cyprus 2014-2020

Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Competitiveness and sustainable development Cyprus"

The Programme aims to boost competitiveness and growth and help Cyprus exit the crisis. It contributes to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It should create jobs and help SMEs to become more competitive and innovation-driven. EU funding will also help Cyprus meet the requirements of the Union's acquis, in particular as regards solid waste treatment, and increase energy efficiency. The Thematic priorities are the following:

  • TO1 - Research and innovation; 
  • TO2 - Information and communication technologies; 
  • TO3 - SMEs competitiveness; 
  • TO4 - Low-carbon economy;
  • TO5 - Climate change and risk prevention; 
  • TO6 - Environment and resource efficiency; 
  • TO7 - Network Infrastructures in Transport and Energy; 
  • TO9 - Social inclusion.
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Competitiveness and sustainable development Cyprus 2014-2020
Description of call
"Competitiveness and sustainable development Cyprus 2014-2020"

For more detailed information regarding calls in this Programme, please consult the Programme website

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Thematic Focus Children & Youth, Education & Training, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Natural Resources, Climate, Climate Change, Environment & Biodiversity, Administration & Governance, Competitiveness, SME, Research & Innovation, Technology Transfer & Exchange
Funding area Cyprus / Κύπρος
Origin of Applicant Cyprus / Κύπρος
Eligible applicants Education and Training Centres, Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Research Institution, Lobby Group / Professional Association / Trade Union, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs (between 10 and 249 employees), Microenterprises (fewer than 10 employees), Start Up Company, University, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined), Public Services
Recurring Call No
Type of Funding Grants
Financial details Total Programme budget: 657 million €
  • TO1 - 102 million €
  • TO2 - 39 million €
  • TO3 - 78 million €
  • TO4 - 144 million €
  • TO5 - 13 million €
  • TO6 - 194 million €
  • TO7 - 40 million €
  • TO9 - 17 million €
Contact Details
Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development
Vyronos 29
1096 Nicosia
357 22602900

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